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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Website Content plus Look and Feel Improvements
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2011 17:23:19 GMT

On Jul 2, 2011, at 9:29 PM, Graham Lauder wrote:

> On Sat, 2011-07-02 at 12:57 -0700, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> Yesterday I got tired of the look of people.mdtext in the project site. It was so
1990s. So, I've improved the look via css and adding defined widths. I guess I am volunteering
for the item on
>> Several of us have been surveying the existing website on several
wiki pages mostly linked to from:
>> With over 140 "projects" in, it will be important to agree to a mapping
which reduces the granularity by more than an order of magnitude. The page
is a good and clear way to start - and pretty much fits the structure on
>> 	• Product Development
>> 	• Extension Development
>> 	• Language Support
>> 	• Helping Users
>> 	• Distribution
>> 	• Promotion
>> I think that these groupings will help us easily have a rule about which projects
end up on or stay on the successor http://*
>> Projects have "webcontent" and/or "wiki" content. On there is a generally
consistent look. There are exceptions which are marketing sites like
The difference is glaring because that is the first big button on the main site.
> The page was done as a marketing tool independently
> of the main website and the Website team under the marketing project by
> one of the members of the marketing team and for a specific marketing
> campaign.  Andre's design was so good we left it as is, however there
> had been intention to change it suit the overall look but volunteer time
> availability to do it was lacking.  It still served a purpose as a very
> useful marketing resource so pulling it down just because of a
> non-standard look was never an option.

Understood, thanks for the detail. It is a nice and tight presentation.

>> Webcontent is available via svn - "svn co${project}~webcontent
${project}" (Thanks Marcus Lange)
>> Some projects are huge and others small. I downloaded several:
>> wave@minotaur:~/ooo-test$ ls -1
>> development
>> documentation
>> download
>> projects
>> www
>> The size is 2.7GB.
>> It would be good to come up with a scripted way to convert existing webcontent to
either mdtext, an altered html, or specialized javascript and css. It is likely we can adapt
the content and use the Apache CMS to wrap a standard skeleton.
>> Regards, Dave
> Much of what is on there is legacy material that could be seriously
> pruned.  For instance all the old Marketing material that is V2.0 and
> earlier could be deleted.

What would you do to the main site if you were starting from scratch?


> Argument could be made for the marketing material to start from scratch.
> Personally I'd like to see a whole new branding and get shot of the old
> stuff, make the first Apache release: V4.0 (Historically, significant
> global change has meant a whole number change in the version: V2 new
> codebase, V3 Apple compatibility. I think this is significant enough:
> pre V4 = LGPL license, V4 and later = ALV2)  From a marketing POV it
> gives us a handle to hang a campaign on.  
> Cheers
> GL
> -- 
> Graham Lauder,
> MarCon (Marketing Contact) NZ
> Migration and training Consultant.

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