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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Extensions and templates site down
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 06:52:13 GMT

On Jul 12, 2011, at 10:59 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:

> On 12/07/2011 Simon Phipps wrote:
>> TDF are just about to launch a full version of their extensions &
>> templates system and they would be perfectly happy for AOOo to redirect the
>> URL that is using to access the repository so that it uses
>> the system TDF are hosting for LibreOffice.
> While I believe cooperation would be nice and I've written for months
> that I don't support the idea to host and LibreOffice
> extensions on separate sites, we should get facts straight on this.
> The LibreOffice extensions site is being developed for two reasons:
> 1) the Document Foundation doesn't want to depend on *
>   sites (and in this case it cannot, since on the launch day it
>   promised to only offer free software extensions).
> 2) was unreachable at times.
> Now, reason 1 does not exactly go in the direction of a shared resource,
> while reason 2 is now obsolete: the site is now fixed and the problems
> were in the caching server, NOT in the OOo extensions site.
> If we are to use a common resource, then let's go for the best one,
> which is (don't consider the URL!) the one currently living at
> . Reasons: mature, tested,
> nicer, flexible, populated with hundreds of extensions.
> With a bit (quite a bit) of customization it could even be tweaked so
> that is is accessible, say, both as and
> and that it shows different branding
> depending on the URL; it could even be set up so that non-free
> extensions are hidden when browsing it in "LibreOffice mode".

That can certainly be done.

> This would be a really shared resource, where anybody can submit
> extensions that anybody can download and use regardless of the software
> he is using, and where all identities are respected. It could of course
> be extended to other derivatives and it would be a remarkable example of
> something useful to the whole community.

+1 and the key is not so much the site in front as it is the repository behind it.

Maybe we should have a shared repository somewhere with agreed upon metadata and files all
stored in a repository. A bunch of mirrors and alternative front-ends are possible.

Each project (, LibreOffice, Lotus Symphony, RedOffice, ....) would then be
responsible for validating the extension vs. product versions. In addition the license could
be reviewed and be marked for compatibility with either ASF, FSF, dual license commercial,

Having a repository with credentials etc. would be a good separation of concerns. UIs like and become read-only
front-ends. Contributors of extensions and templates would request a directory within the
repository and then get direct access to use which ever front end they prefer to maintain
their repository.

Projects can query for new extensions and templates to test and then indicate the revisions
that are "tested" for each version.

Please feel free to start a migration plan for extensions and templates on the Community Wiki

Please continue this thread.

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