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From Greg Stein <>
Subject single repository status
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2011 05:57:28 GMT
Hi all,

I borrowed some space on some ASF equipment and used the
'' script to pull down all of the CWS repositories (in
addition to the OOO340 and master_l10n/OOO340 repositories). This
consumed 77 Gb of disk space.

The script has been updated with all my fixes to make
this happen, and the cws-list.txt file has been updated to reflect all
CWSs that have actual content beyond OOO340.

I have updated to do a basic combination of the
repositories. This produces a 2.7 Gb repository.

However! The single-hg script does not apply any tags/bookmarks for
the heads introduced by the pulls from the CWS repositories.
Originally, I thought to apply bookmarks, but ... meh. We can just
apply tags. It isn't like we are going to push to the repository and
need the bookmark to float with the changes. So the next step is to
update single-hg to apply the appropriate tags. At that point, I will
publish a bundle so that most people can skip all the above steps and
start playing with the repository that will feed into the next step
(convert to svn).

Once the tags are properly marked, then we can start testing the
conversion to Subversion. Please note, however: the hg conversion
script does *not* process tags. We will have to write that. We will
also have to somehow manage construction of branches. We may also have
to update the conversion tool to properly handle the "merge"
changesets that Hg records.

In the single repository that I constructed, there are 102 heads. I
believe these will become branches.

We will need a script to take the single repository as input, and run
the conversion process. I think there will multiple inputs to that
process, so there will be additional input files to coordinate and
drive the conversion. All of this should be placed into the tools/dev/
directory. Help is wanted!


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