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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: OOO and LibreOffice.
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 11:09:37 GMT
On 6 July 2011 23:51, Andrew Rist <> wrote:
> To date the LibreOffice crew has taken the effort to merge in changes from
> the OOo code line, for each release.
> The most obvious and best way to collaborate in the future is to write good
> code, and make it worth their while to integrate it into LO.
> The more compelling the development effort at Apache, the more likely it is
> reused by LO.
> This also leads to the situation where they have an interest in pushing
> changes into the AOOo code line, to simplify their future merges.

I agree 100% with this.

My question, as someone who does not know the OOo code, is are there
any obvious places in the code where this is likely to happen?

A strong Apache project has the broadest possible community of users.
Some of these users become contributors and some of those become

I wonder if there are any units of code that can be separately
packaged in order to allow them to be included in downstream projects
without "merging cnhanges" into a separate code tree?

I'm a Java weenie, so I think in terms of JARs that can be reused
easily. Is there any scope in the OOo project for similar library
reuse? If so where is the low hanging fruit?


> Andrew
> On 7/2/2011 9:16 PM, Graham Lauder wrote:
>> On Sat, 2011-07-02 at 23:39 -0400, Ted Rolle, Jr. wrote:
>>> Perhaps I'm jaded, but when you have data in two places, you can be sure
>>> of one thing:  they're both wrong.
>> Conversely, they are both right for their respective supporters and the
>> reasons that each cite are also right, for each respective audience
>>> I fear that the *Office camps will be in some sort of competition.
>>> Competition means that there is a winner, and a loser.
>> Not always true, if each iteration serves a unique market.  They can
>> still be in competition for bragging rights but at the same time only
>> competing for a common set of the market that is smaller than their main
>> market, in this case I believe it will be Consumer on one hand (LO) and
>> Enterprise on the other (OOo), IMO, MSO will be the big loser.
>>> The good thing is that one will survive and become the de-facto
>>> standard.
>>> Prove me wrong!
>> I'm hoping we will, either way we live in interesting times

Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
Programme Leader (Open Development)

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