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From Jean Weber <>
Subject Re: Website Content plus Look and Feel Improvements
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2011 21:14:11 GMT
On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 04:16, C <> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 18:53, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
> A few example items... the existing/legacy MediaWiki instance is using
> several creative tweaks such as (not an exhaustive list.. just a few):
>  - PDF and ODT export.  Confluence can do PDF, but cannot do ODT..
> only MS Word DOC format (a significant issue in my view for an OOo Wiki...

Even worse, AFAICT Confluence cannot export more than one wiki page at
a time to MS Word DOC format, which would make compiling a whole book
in that format a lot more difficult.

> Export to PDF and ODT is something a lot of people use
> for the OOo Docs - especially the Basic and Developer's Guides.
> [...]
> As for the number of pages... start with the big one.. the Developer's
> Guide.  This doc alone is approximately 1000 Wiki pages ...  Like
> the other manuals in the existing/legacy OOo Wiki, it uses a
> combination of nested templates and various extensions to manage the
> subpages as a book.
> Add to the list, the Basic Guide, the Reference Lists, and the
> FAQs/HowTos, plus whatever Doc pages have been translated into
> Russian, French, Spanish, German etc etc, and you've got a whole lot
> of pages that need to be migrated, managed, validated, etc.

Also all the user guides that are in wiki format contribute a lot of
pages. Some of those can (and probably should) be dropped (anything
for OOo 2.x, for example) but that may not make a significant dent in
the total. We could keep the PDFs and ODTs for the v2.x guides for
historical archives, but dump the wiki pages.

> Frank Peters also raised this point a couple of weeks ago... so I'm
> not the only one raising a little white flag and saying this part of
> the website migration is not going to be as easy as migrating basic MW
> content. :-)

Jean Hollis Weber
Co-Lead, Documentation Project

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