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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: (was: Building a single Hg repository)
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 23:06:53 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the update.

> On 7/5/2011 8:53 AM, Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
>> I agree with Mathias ..
>> We are not advancing simply because it's not clear who does what.
>> - Greg made a script to import the Hg stuff ... who will run it?
> A number of us are - and props gentlemen, the scripts work great.
>> - Matthias made a list, is this what Oracle should relicense, or
>> perhaps we should wait until we merge the resulting SVN branches.
>> - Who takes the list to Oracle.
> As discussed before on the list, I am tracking all of the resources that have been identified
and will be working this all through on the Oracle side.
> The list goes beyond just code, to artwork, bz database, translations, the forums, wikis,
and more.

If possible would you provide some more detail in the wiki - probably on one of these pages

About artwork, I found these pages the other day:

I was wondering when we might get our hands on the original photoshop (or is it something
else?) files for the logos.

>> - Bugzilla or JIRA?
> (I personally lean JIRA)

Since the BZ is behind and has a non-standard schema, maybe the next step is to understand
the actual altered schema vs. both the JIRA and BZ 4.0 schemas. Once we know that the work
to convert can be determined. Mark Thomas had some ideas, he's the guy on the Apache Infra
for BZ/JIRA.

>> - Who can provide the MediaWiki stuff so we actually translate
>>  it to confluence?
> working on this, also.

Do you think that the UWC[1] will be useful? Or, will we need to make up our own translation?



>> We really need people taking the tasks at hand.
>> cheers,
>> Pedro.
>> --- On Tue, 7/5/11, Joe Schaefer<>  wrote:
>>> From: Joe Schaefer<>
>>> Subject: Re: (was: Building a single Hg repository)
>>> To:
>>> Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2011, 9:58 AM
>>> ----- Original Message ----
>>>> From: Mathias Bauer<>
>>>> To:
>>>> Sent: Tue, July 5, 2011 10:55:25 AM
>>>> Subject: Re: (was: Building a single
>>> Hg repository)
>>>> On 01.07.2011 23:18, Greg Stein wrote:
>>>>> Right. I think we just bring  it all over,
>>> and then sort it out in our
>>>>> repository.
>>>> May I ask who  will be the one that "brings it
>>> all over"? I don't find
>>>> the reference, but  from past reading I
>>> understood that this is nothing
>>>> that one of us "regular  committers" can do.
>>> Why not? It's DVCS after all, so long as we have a
>>> *repeatable* process
>>> for populating an svn dump file, and there's a way to map
>>> that process over
>>> to whatever file list Oracle is willing to provide, seems
>>> like any developer
>>> can initiate this process.

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