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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject IDL Generation and MediaWiki [Was Re: Website Content plus Look and Feel Improvements]
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 18:04:01 GMT
Hi Clayton,

I am separating into two sub-topics:

(1) IDL Generation.

Thanks for the link to what the Wiki uses to create a short hand for various IDL links. This
points out a very important topic that needs to be co-ordinated. How do those the IDL Pages
get generated. This needs to be co-ordinated with the build.

Who knows about the "UNOIDL - that is, the Unified Network Object Interface Description Language
compiler, which produces the content of api.oo.o, and the input files."?

(2) MediaWiki vs. Confluence vs. MoinMoin vs. Apache CMS

There are several issues.

(a) A MediaWiki at AOOo is the easiest solution for the project - short-term - most of the
work is export/import.

(b) A MediaWiki is not currently supported by Apache Infrastructure. MediaWiki Infra would
need to be built.

(c) There are a number of special extensions being used in MediaWIki with developers here
who can support it.

(d) For Confluence extensions / emulating the extensions that MW uses will be a learning curve.

(e) Export requires co-operation with current OOo wiki admins. Confluence may require more.

If a MediaWiki is what people want then we'll need to have several people who will be dedicated
to helping Infrastructure support it. Please join the infrastructure-dev list and ask. Please
share your contacts with the MediaWiki admins here so that others who may want to explore
the convertor can make progress. If we have enough volunteers we can start on both and abandon
one if one becomes clearly better.


On Jul 5, 2011, at 9:13 AM, C wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 21:16, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
>> On Jul 3, 2011, at 11:16 AM, C wrote:
>>> - PDF and ODT export.  Confluence can do PDF, but cannot do ODT..
>>> only MS Word DOC format (a significant issue in my view for an OOo
>>> Wiki... a bit sad and embarassing that we'd only be able to export a
>>> proprietary document format, and not the primary doc format that OOo
>>> is known for).  Export to PDF and ODT is something a lot of people use
>>> for the OOo Docs - especially the Basic and Developer's Guides.
>> I understand the need for ODT export. Tell us about the MediaWiki extension that
is being used, is it part of OOo or is it a third party extension?
> It's a MediaWiki extension, created by PediaPress -
>>> - IDL Tags - custom (but simple) MW extension that creates links to
>>> the IDL library
>> Do you mean these links:
>> We will need to rewrite these anyway. Tell me how these are marked up in MediaWiki.
>> Is the IDL reference generated from the source code? We'll need to get into that
workflow too.
> The IDL Extension is all documented here - including the full source
> of the extension itself, and how it's implemented/used within the Wiki
> text:
>> No doubt this is a challenge in Confluence - it likes a flat hierarchy.
>> If a MoinMoin Wiki is a better fit for conversion from MediaWiki we can certainly
try it.
> I've never done a lot with MoinMoin, so can't really comment on that
> one.  The book-like hierarchy in the existing MediaWiki is created by
> a combination of sub-pages and the TOC navigation.  It is not really
> the perfect implementation, but it works and keeps things at least
> somewhat "book-like".... makes it possible to generate PDF books, and
> provides a book-like navigation or flow through a topic.  The other
> choice, and something I experimented with, is huge monster long pages
> with entire chapters in a single Wiki page.  This is a nightmare to
> try and edit and maintain.
> C.
> --
> Clayton Cornell
> Documentation Project co-lead

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