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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: An svn question
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 09:22:32 GMT
Am 27.06.2011 10:47, schrieb Michael Stahl:
> On 27.06.2011 10:14, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> On 26.06.2011 23:15, Michael Stahl wrote:
>>> On 23.06.2011 19:15, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>>>> Another option would be to commit the initial source code (the code
>>>> that
>>>> is directly retrieved from the software grant from Oracle) into a local
>>>> Mercurial repository, add all the patches and then convert this into an
>>>> svn repository.
>>> hmm... perhaps we could first merge all CWSes that are
>>> nominated/finished anyway into the HG OOO340 repo, then import the
>>> result into SVN...
>> We can't look at this only from a technical POV. We also should try to
>> avoid more legal work as this will slow down the integration. As I
>> wrote, patches are easy as they are owned by those who made them, on
>> whatever files. And as long as the base where you apply the patches to
>> is "clean", you can't get into legal trouble.
> actually i don't see a difference between the two approaches (but as you
> know IANAL).
> consider that the original SGA only lists _part_ of the repository. so,
> in order to get anything useful that can actually build we need to ask
> for additional stuff anyway.
> if we have all the rights to the Oracle owned files in OOO340 + all
> outstanding CWSes, does it really make a difference if we first merge
> the CWSes in HG and then import the result, or whether we do it the
> other way around?
> the result should be the same, but with merging first the history will
> be much more useful, plus it's less work.
> the stuff that we need to remove from the repo can be removed either
> before merging the CWSes (if a CWS changes a removed file there will be
> a conflict on merge), or after; can't see much of a difference here.

However it will be done, I want to suggest aw080 as test case. It is 
probably the biggest CWS with lots of changes to lots of modules. If it 
works with aw080, it should work with others. Also a good test for 
history stuff, aw080 was resynced to several DEV300 milestones already, 
so contains a mix of local change comments and the ones coming in from 
those big resyncs.

For conflict removal, other mergings and to get back to a running state 
I would prefer to do that when we have a buildable, running version of 
the main trunc here. Until then it might be best that I continue with 
the changes on the CWS itself. Still, I want to change over to Apac he 
as work base ASAP.

Of course - if someone describes in detail what to do to merge and get 
back to SVN - I'll try to do the move myself. For conflict solving I'll 
have to step in anyways, I guess :-)

This brings me to the next point: If this CWS is wanted (for content, 
please refer to my Introduction) I'll need commit rights due to the 
sheer size of the changes and the probably unavoidable number of 
conflicts. I'm new here, so I've read a lot of news already, but 
currently not really sure how to get there...

> regards,
> michael

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