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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: How to handle the downloads?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 23:36:48 GMT
Gavin McDonald wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Andy Brown []
>> I have to agree with Marcus on this.  It has to be simple.
> Example, see this page:
> Now , forget all the developer oriented content on that page and focus on
> the
> part that says:
> Current official release (closest mirror site selected automatically)
> Now, it has chosen the closest mirror already, the link to the file is
> there, they click on it
> and download it - what is the difficulty here, please explain?

I see how this would be usable for users.  Very good.

> Perhaps the download link needs to be a big shiny blue/green graphic Icon
> with the words 'Download now!'
> on it to make more user intuitive, no problem there, you can do that.

A button would help but not required, something that is a little more 
obvious than a link as it is easily missed.

> On the page is an 'Other' mirrors section where one can optionally choose
> another mirror if
> the chosen one is having issues for some reason (it should not, as all
> mirrors are checked hourly
> for their usefulness and removed from being  a automatically chosen mirror
> if there are issues.)
> (this too is optional)
> So, effectively, you can remove everything and replace it with a pretty
> Download Icon, can't get
> any simpler than that. In other words, it can work in exactly the same way
> the current
> program downloads now.
> Oh, actually  just checked, the nice and easy 'Download now!' button on
> redirects to
>  (for me)
> oops, now what is a user to do? My program didn't download, where is it,
> what's the filename I'm looking for,
> what does stable mean, hmm, ooh theres the word developer, perhaps Im in the
> wrong place, HELP!

That is a problem that has showed up lately and has had that very 

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