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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Fundraising
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 10:24:14 GMT
On 14/08/2011 eric b wrote:
> Le 13 août 11 à 17:44, Andrea Pescetti a écrit :
>> PLIO, the association corresponding to the Italian Native-Lang
>> Project, has been a registered charity in Italy since 2005 and
>> receives contributions from Italian taxpayers, that we invest back in
>> activities.
> Is it still the case ? Was an action for made since last
> year (e.g.) ?

We localized and released 3.3.0 in Italian, we kept the 
Italian Dictionary extension up-to-date with regular releases, we made 
some QA on 3.4 beta, we held our regular annual assembly 
at the end of April 2011 and we approved projects that are still 
inherently fuzzy due the obviously unstable situation that has persisted 
from April until now.

(But, especially as we are on this mailing list, I have to state that, 
while I am a Board Member of PLIO, I cannot speak on behalf of PLIO; 
head to if you want to officially contact PLIO).

>> However, on our pages we
>> don't mention this: we only use for advertising
>> and fundraising. So we are not affected by the
>> fundraising policy.
> I read the content of the site you mentionned aboce, and it looks
> abandoned : the last articles are not recent IMHO.

Both sites have been in minimal maintenance for years, but not abandoned 
at all.

On we had to wait years for the infrastructure 
migration to Kenai, that came in February 2011 when the future of and of that infrastructure became less and less certain 
(and I'm now glad that we didn't waste time on updating a web 
infrastructure that is not going to last).

On we publish 4-5 articles per year, mostly 
coincident with releases and conference. So I'd say it's 
normal that the latest article is about OOo 3.3.0: we would have more 
recent articles, had there been new releases or a conference.

> More recently, PLIO members posted that :
> (I found other PR about PLIO)

I don't understand this. Anyway, the facts stated there are correct 
(basically, PLIO goes on in spite of whatever arguments corporations or 
groups have, and we give community support to everyone). If you find 
this relevant, Italo Vignoli is no longer President of PLIO.

> Can you please explain us more what is the current PLIO goal ?

Our statute is online at and it dates back to 2005; 
especially on this mailing list, it suffices to say that PLIO is a 
charity that, through (unpaid) volunteer activity by its members, aims 
at improving and promoting, related software, auxiliary 
tools, open formats and free software in general.

(Again, if someone missed it: I'm not entitled to speak officially on 
behalf of PLIO, but as long as it may be relevant to this mailing list 
I'll provide information about how it works).


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