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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: Extensions and templates site down
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 13:31:45 GMT
2011.08.14. 15:07 keltezéssel, Rob Weir írta:
> On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 8:26 AM, drew<>  wrote:
>> The site (particularly templates) seems hinky, bad, and has for a over a
>> day now, once again.
> Do we know what the underlying issue is?  Is it load related?
I don't know, may be not enough resources to do administration.

At the end of July when similar down happens, I submitted a support 
question to e-mail.
After few days the pages were up.

And get answer:
Should be back online. This is a persistent issue that we do not have 
the time nor resources to resolve long term. I'm waiting to hear where 
this site will end up (hopefully with the ASF). For now I have to just 
mend it along.


Do we have any stats on the most-downloaded extensions? Would it be 
worth treating them specially, getting them into a mirroring 
infrastructure, for example? Or is this something that could be moved to ?
>> On Tue, 2011-07-12 at 17:37 -0500, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>> <snip>
>>>   We will have to
>>>   find an
>>>   alternative repository
>> <snip>
>> We Need to fix the current one
>> - the fact that LibreOffice will open yet another repository (as
>> mentioned there are already other locations on the net hosting OO.o/Libo
>> compatible extensions) is IMO great, the current site however has the
>> largest collection of files and one would be foolish to just close it.
>> What would be _really_ nice is someone hack an extension that lets the
>> user change default repos, and for bonus points, search ala InkScape and
>> OpenClipart...but I wander OT there.
>> my very late .02
>> //drew

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