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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: [Discussion]
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 13:37:49 GMT
Rob Weir wrote:
> As my preceding forwards indicate, we're getting some interesting
> posts to, including offers of help, but they are
> not getting adequate responses.  We're missing opportunities here to
> grow the project.
> Is there anything we can do to improve this?
> 1) Continue as now, and I'll forward "interesting" posts to ooo-dev?
> 2) Send a note to telling them that we've moved
> over to ooo-dev and inviting them to join?
> 3) Auto-responder for telling them that we've moved
> over to ooo-dev?
> 4) Shut down to new posts?

I liked the one reply that was sent to someone offering to help:

"I think your best bet to help participate in Open Office is now at the 
Apache Development.  Apache should be the new owner of the Open Office 
Source code and is now working very hard at porting it into their 
system.  The source in now in their "incubator".  This is usually a 
temporary 6 month stay until officially accepted.

Every thing you should need to know about helping to participate with 
the project is located at:"

If no one objects I will monitor the list and reply with something like 
the above and point people to the AOOo with page.


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