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From Frank Schönheit <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla vs JIRA
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 18:07:59 GMT
>> Regarding customizations I have no idea how much work it
>> a) was to get them into the OOo Bugzilla
>> b) would be to get them into Apache Bugzilla
>> c) would be to get them into JIRA
> I don't know either.  I think the key fact is knowing the extent of
> the customizations.  For example, is it just UI customization
> (relatively easy) or have we extended the workflow and the database
> schema?

To my best ... ehm, memorization (I was part of the team at Oracle doing
the migration from the IssueZilla (ran on collab-net's CEE) to BugZilla
(ran in a Kenai context):

- we extended the database scheme with a field taking the issue type.

- we changed some settings of the BZ instance, e.g. the allowed status

- we did quite some customizations to the form templates, for the OOo
  theming, but also for some workflow issues. That's the area I know
  least about (Bernd Eilers did the great job here)

For the first two items: All of this is possible via BZ's admin
front-end, though we in fact let our migration scripts do it for us.


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