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From Andy Brown <>
Subject Re: I use the oo newsgroup for support. Do not like fora
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 18:21:49 GMT
Andreas S├Ąger wrote:
> Am 24.08.2011 13:31, bill wrote:
> [yes, bill wrote nothing]
> This is the perfect example for a useless, off-topic message copied into
> thousands of inboxes like all the "test" messages, "unsubscribe!" rants,
> TOFU lessons and other bullshit in all the OOo *user* forums.
> - In a forum this would have been moved into a quarantine box together
> with a notification for bill. This happens within an hour or so and
> hardly anybody would have noticed the non-issue.
> - If there were some beef in the message, it would have been moved to an
> appropriate subforum with a polite welcome and a hyperlink pointing to
> the forum tutorial. And bill could learn how to find already posted
> solutions and expand on existing topics.
> - If there were spam or other violations of TOC it would have been
> deleted and bill would have been banned.
> I like newsgroups and mailing lists for closed circles of collaborating
> subscribers because everybody is notified about everything.
> In the year 2011 emails can not provide good support quality for a
> product like
> Just my 2 Cents,
> Andreas

Personally, I think the subject says it all and to the point.  To bad 
that all questions to mailing list and fora can not be summed up so easily.


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