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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: OOO Test Bugzilla instance
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 15:15:59 GMT
Just skimming through this thread in the archives.

I am not subscribed so ooo-dev so please don't assume I have read any of
the threads here. If there are issues, ask questions on the
infrastructure mailing list, comment on the existing Jira ticket for the
ooo-bz migration or create a new Jira ticket as appropriate.

Of the issues I have seen raised so far:

- Linking "issue ..." as well as "bug ..." is easy. Note that ASF
Bugzilla also links rnnnnnn to svn. Create a Jira ticket for this and I
will get this done. Possibly not at the same time as migration but
certainly soon afterwards.

- STARTED state being dropped from saved queries. No idea what is going
on here. STARTED is present in the workflow. Looks like an upgrade snag
you'll have to live with and fix your queries post go-live.

- Privacy. This is a public bug tracker. Just about anything you put in
it apart from your password is publicly accessible. e-mail addresses are
certainly not kept private.


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