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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject [email] email / user transition
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 22:00:19 GMT
I haven't seen any recent progress on planning the transition for email.

Sooner or later the mail server will be replaced. We have seen that the system
is flakey and has been down for as much as one week in the last month.

(1) Mailing Lists. Maps have been proposed to transition the many mailing lists into fewer

Do all of these mailing list addresses become aliases for mailing
list addresses?

What about the subscribers to the mailing lists? Do we need to make them all resubscribe?

(2) registered users.

Should we have a way to maintain email aliases? Who do we do this for?

Do legalities prevent us from retaining the user database?

I have no idea what the best answers are. I do think that the plan does need to be communicated
to places like


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