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From Aleksey Harlamenkov <>
Subject Re: Access to wiki
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 08:46:34 GMT
Hi all!
My name is Alex Harlamenkov.

I support the proposal Jean Hollis Weber.

The experience of creating a Russian zone of the wiki. Anonymous Members of
* Used a wiki for personal goals,
* Creating low-quality content,
* Taken away users to their sites by a references.

To eliminate the abuses created strict rules:
* Prohibiting the diversion of users from the project site,
* Requiring disclosure of participants and confirmation of their
* Required explicit publications signing the actual name of the author.

Rules have been translated into English:

All the authors of the Russian zone revealed their data:

All the authors follow the rules. All the authors are qualified.

The results of applying the rules:
* High quality content;
* The absence of war among the authors of edits;
* 3rd place among the most visited national wiki pages for 1 year

Was detected one problem. Complaints of anonymous participants to managers
of project . The rules are very strict.

The OOo-wiki is a source of information, not a collection of external links.

About me.
My profile on the wiki:

* I own deep knowledge of technology, Wiki;
* I own deep knowledge of technical terminology and legal and regulatory
framework of the Russian language;
* I own a deep knowledge of and ODF.

I am developer of structure of Russian wiki, the designer of automated
publishing opinion articles wiki with "one click".

I'm an editor of five books on in Russian issued in hard copy
and electronic form;
I am the author of training courses for and IBM Lotus

Aleksey E. Harlamenkov
the company Infra-Resource, Moscow, Russia.

2011/8/4 Jean Hollis Weber <>

> I've got completely lost in all the mutations of the "Refactoring"
> thread, and don't recall all that has been said, so please forgive me if
> what I'm about to suggest has been dealt with already.
> Two low-barrier methods I have seen work quite successfully on wikis,
> forums, and similar sites are:
> 1) People must ask for an account; they can't self-subscribe. Nothing is
> required except a few words about who you are and why you want an
> account. Any one of several people authorised to approve or reject these
> requests can deal with them expeditiously. Very few spammers, in my
> experience, take the trouble to actually request accounts.
> 2) Alternatively, or in addition, the first X edits/ contributions/
> whatever are moderated by a group of people, any one of whom can approve
> or reject the items. After X acceptable contributions, the person is
> then allowed to edit the wiki without further supervision -- until or
> unless they start posting inappropriate material such as spam. Again,
> very few spammers will take the trouble to post some useful info before
> going into spam mode.
> These methods deal with the vast majority, if not all, of the concerns I
> have seen Rob expressing about systems with no control at all, but at
> the same time they do not require more time or commitment on the
> contributors' part to be authorised to participate.
> AFAIK, most wikis & similar sites provide some way to limit the editing
> of specific pages to a smaller group of people (admins or whatever).
> --Jean

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