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From C <>
Subject Re: Refactoring the brand: Apache ooo + (was branding)
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 13:35:15 GMT
On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 14:56, Rob Weir <> wrote:

Against my better judgement, one last reply...

> iCLA is not the same as the JCA.  You should read it:

You miss the point entirely Rob.  The issue is not the fine print of
the iCLA or the JCA (I know what the iCLA says.. I read it)...  it is
the very fact that requiring it for OOo user documentation raises the
bar for contribution to the documentation.  If you demand that doc
contributors sign an iCLA, they simply won't bother... they just go
away - I've seen this happen over and over, and the people walked..
not because of the fine print in the JCA... it was because they had to
sign something, and it was over their head or they can't be bothered
trying to figure it out.

Doc contributors are NOT developers.  They are mostly "normal" people
who have no clue about software development processes.  They are end
users who enjoy writing a little... editing an FAQ... writing a HowTO.
 They are often retirees with some spare time on their hands.

> All documentation in an Apache project is community-developed.

And Apache projects are all very technical.  They are databases, web
servers, XML framework tools, development toolkits, network
application frameworks, message brokers, Java development toolsets,
XML parsers and so on.. none which are Consumer Level products (at
least that I am aware of or could find).  Documentation for these
products is written by developers for developers....  OOo
documentation it is user oriented not developer oriented. It is a very
different animal.


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