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From C <>
Subject Re: Questions: LAMP and PHPBB for
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 09:49:50 GMT
On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 11:01, Gavin McDonald <> wrote:
> Hi Terry, I have no issues with mysql, we have a few under VMs and are ok, we could move
> to postgres at a later date if needed - if we went that far I'd also consider moving
to FreeBSD.
> Anyway, for now, can you give me some Ubuntu VM specs so I can create them for the Forums
> and the Wiki -- we can then get them setup and working as a test and ready for a final
> when we switch over, in the meantime we can check the loads of the VM hosts etc to be
> all will be ok.
> Just amount of RAM and disk  space required should be all I need - and 1 or 2 cpu ,
then I'll get an
> Ubuntu VM up for each. We try and stick to LTS releases so will get it to 10.04.3 LTS
version unless
> you have a reason we should use a later Ubuntu release.

Ubuntu LTS should not be an issue for the OOoWiki.  The software
dependencies for the Wiki are not so high.  It's currently running on
MySQL 5.0.33 and pHp 5.2.0, so that or newer is fine.  Any recent
Imagemagick should work for thumbnailing.  We should use this
opportunity to shift over to the latest MediaWiki release as well.
Beyond that... I can't think of any exotic requirements... just a
standard LAMP stack from the 10.04 LTS should be enough.  Terry...
have I missed anything?

Terry is the best one to recommend the virtual hardware requirements.
We've talked a bit off and on about the optimizations.  If we have a
chance in the move to implement things like Squid, APC etc, it'll
substantially reduce the current load on the web server side and thus
reduce the VM requirements.


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