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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: status of OpenOffice logo?
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 15:56:02 GMT
On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 11:29 AM, Kay Schenk <> wrote:
> There are some first steps proceding with moving portions of the existng
> site to Apache. See, for example,
> This page lacks headers and footers, which brings me to...
> I know there's been discussion about the current logo
> vis a vis trademarks, possible changes due to Apache etc.
> But could someone give us an update on this?
> Can we use the existing logo without changes (i.e. ref to Apache?) or ???

Use the logo where?

> There seems to be few Apache projects. e.g Buildr, which don't seem to use
> the Apache logo, and since there seems to be a consensus to keep
> at a site, I'm wondering if we can just
> proceed with what we ahve in terms of headers for web pages without change.

Which headers and footers?  The ones at OO.o that have the Oracle and
the Project Kenai logos and have the statement "Oracle and Java are
registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates"?   I don't
think we will want to keep that page footer unchanged.

I think the way to think of this is:

1) Oracle owns the trademark in the name "" and in the
graphical logo.  This trademark is registered in several countries.

2) Oracle has stated that they will assign these trademarks to Apache.
This involves paperwork in multiple countries and will take time.
Andrew Rist is the best one to give an update on where they are in
that process.

3) Once transferred to Apache then we can use the logo per Apache
Branding Requirements:

4) If we want to create a different version of that logo (if that is
what you are asking about) then this is really two questions:

a) Do we have the right to modify the logo?  I think that would be
yes.  We can create derived works if we own the copyright to the logo.

b) What is the status of the modified logo?  I have no idea what that
does in terms of trademark.  In particular, would it mean we need to
register the modified logo?  If this comes up as a direction we want
to take, we'd need to consult with Apache Branding on this.



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