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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: How to handle the downloads?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 22:49:38 GMT
On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 6:42 PM, Marcus (OOo) <> wrote:
> Am 08/02/2011 12:15 AM, schrieb Ross Gardler:
>> On 1 August 2011 22:51, Marcus (OOo)<>  wrote:
>>> Am 08/01/2011 09:25 PM, schrieb Ross Gardler:
>>>> On 1 August 2011 18:20, Marcus (OOo)<>    wrote:
>>>>> AFAIK the current projects at Apache doesn't have high download numbers
>>>>> compared with OOo. So, a download request can point directly to a
>>>>> mirror
>>>>> or
>>>>> a mirror list is shown and the users have to choose themselves from
>>>>> where
>>>>> to
>>>>> get the software best.
>>>> I wouldn't make any assumptions about the current mirror
>>>> infrastructure. What you write above does not reflect how things work
>>>> here. The ASF is a pretty large collection of projects with some very
>>>> large numbers behind it.
>>> I've looked at this both pages:
>>> When comparing it with the one from the current OOo project you should be
>>> able to see big differences:
>>> - too many links
>>> - too much data on one page
>>> - too much information to read to get an overview
>>> - too less clear structure
>> So what do you want? A single download link that automatically selects
>> the most appropriate mirror for the user?
> Yes. Everything else is not end-user compatible and needs to much effort to
> explain.
>> That's easily done. I think you might be confusing the way that some
>> projects choose to implement the download with how OO.o would be
>> expected to implement the download.
>> The ASF does not care what your download page looks like as long as
>> you use the CGI scripts to ensure that an appropriate mirror site is
>> used.
> Hm, let's see how independent the download thing really will be. ;-)

Well, I think it is obvious that it is better to have a a single
mirror system with the ability to customize the UI for each project
than to have each project seek out a different mirroring network.  In
other words, let's try to solve this with a JavaScript "hammer" if we
can, and save the VM "hammer" for if we really need it.

> Marcus

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