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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: binfilter (was RE: OOO340 to svn)
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 09:32:21 GMT
Am 09.08.2011 22:20, schrieb Mathias Bauer:
> On 09.08.2011 20:49, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>> Forgot one point: We are not talking about stopping support for
>> something like PDF/A where readability is guaranteed for years/decades.
>> We are talking about wildly, unplanned grown old binary filter formats
>> in the old days of the office where the model was simply streamed out
>> and in, patched and repaired many times, never documented (for good reason).
> And moreover, we are talking about a format that does not support a huge
> number of OOo feature, UniCode support being only one of them.

Right, also forgot but didn't want to write a 3rd part just 5min later :-)

Not only UniCode, all features since Binfilter was isolated, get lost in 
an old write/read cycle with this old filters. Using them for write may 
just have two reasons:
- You have an old machine with StarOffice5.2 or something which cannot 
read ODF
- You don't know about losing content when using the old formats

> BTW: the reservation that legal requirements can force people to keep
> documents in the old binary StarOffice format is a red herring. I have
> serious doubts that any organization with such requirements has ever
> used this format. Remember, it's *not* an OOo format, it's the format of
> the pre-OOo StarOffice application that was replaced by the UniCode
> supporting XML format before OOo got its first release.
> For those with concerns that there might be some documents in the old
> format that "suddenly" needs to be opened, perhaps a standalone
> converter tool from "binfilter" to ODF could be provided. Wait a moment,
> that tools already exists: all existing OOo version can be used that way.

Exactly. Let the next AOO release be the last one to offer this.
BTW: For the concerned ones how long it might be installable: I'm still 
using StarOffice5.2 sometimes for various things, still works well today :-)

> Regards,
> Mathias

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