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From Andreas S├Ąger <>
Subject Re: User support - what do others do
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 19:03:04 GMT
Am 24.08.2011 14:16, Simon Phipps wrote:

> The main down-side I can see to forums is that they will need monitoring by a dedicated
team of volunteers as it's fairly unlikely developers will staff them. Hence a set of shared,
user-focussed forums staffed by volunteers from all the OpenOffice meta-community projects
Rob usually lists would be an excellent approach, feeding through to project-specific mailing
lists where developers hang out.
> S.

The main advantage of a forum over a mailing list is that you can not 
only monitor. You can even moderate and administer.

  (all topics in descending chron. order and quick-search).

   (home page with links to all subforums and quick-search)


Please show us a single spam posting, a single off topic thread, 
duplicate, unsubscribe rant, heavy trolling, meta-topic about using the 
forum, any violation of netiquette or forum rules that survives longer 
than one or two hours.

Currently there are about 20 new topics per day. Before the decline of 
OOo there used to be around 50 topics per day. The currently active 
moderators and aministrators can deal with more than that.

 From a user's perspective this forum is one of the last indicators that 
something like an active community still exists and that you are not 
alone with this huge piece of software. For anybody trying to use the 
Base component this might be the one and only point of contact.

It is a place where you find concepts, tutorials, snippets of macros, 
SQL and spreadsheet formulas, screenshots, hyperlinks and thousands of 
example documents around exhaustive discussions about fundamental and 
very remote use cases of this office suite.

It makes no difference at all which descendant of StarOffice you try to 
install, set up or run. If your request is specific to LibreOffice, some 
moderator will move your topic to the respective subforum within 24 
hours (no more than 36 by now). From time to time even Microsoft Office 
users get some good advice.

This wheel must not be reinvented while spinning smoothly.


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