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From "Andre Schnabel" <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Neutral / shared security list ...
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 15:45:11 GMT
Hi Rob, all

> Von: Rob Weir
> Gesendet: 26.10.11 17:15 Uhr

> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 10:48 AM, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> <snip>
> > In any case, these subjects are getting off topic for ooo-dev@, so we should
> > let the AOOo PPMC here figure out how it's going to publicize ways to report
> > security concerns to it.
> >
> In parallel, it might be good for the TDF/LO members to take a week or
> so, and have a discussion on their own mailing list about how they
> could better collaborate with AOOo. 

My gut feeling is, that we should skip this discussion for a while. At almost
all the topics we discusss here we come to a kind of emotional and religious
discussion. So it might be better to take a rest.

For me it is quite hard to identify fields of collaboration, as long as there is
just one side with substantial contributions. E.g. it is hard to discuss about
sharing translations,  as long as it unclear how AOOoI will handle translations.

Same about code, we can argue for a very long time if and how there might be
ways for collaboration - but we will only se if our ideas really work, if there
is some substantial code at AOOoI. 

If I get the apache philosophy right, Apache assumes that contribution from
"other parties" will be seen, because those other parties aknowledge that
it is good for them (means it's much easier to include Apache code in their
producst if they contribute their own changes back). The problem here to me
seems to be, that there is hardly anything useful in AOOo for LibreOffice
*at the moment*. This indeed might change sooner or later (and I was pleased
to her from Jürgen that IBM staff is working hard to achieve that).

> LO has hundreds of developers,
> so I'm sure the diversity of opinions there is greater than suggested
> by the 2 or 3 TDF voices we hear on this list. We certainly have a
> range of opinions on the topic among AOOo committers. It would be odd
> if the same were not true for TDF/LO.

Of course, TDF does not control it's members or contributors. Everyone
is free to discuss any topic or to work on any project she wants. 
So, that only few people show up here at the Apache list might be for the 
simple reason, that they don't see that it is worth the effort to
get heavily involved in the discusssions here. (But is it TDF's responsibility
to tell other people about what's going on at Apache?)

Again - this might change, as soon as AOOoI has some code and maybe even
ships binaries.

At the very moment it seems to me all these discussions do more harm than
they are helpfull.

best regards,


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