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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: GStreamer avmedia plugin as copyleft?
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2011 21:28:06 GMT
Am 04.10.2011 17:27, schrieb Ariel Constenla-Haile:

> Hi there,
> The GStreamer avmedia plugin is disabled when copyleft is disabled (the
> default in AOOo). 
> I cannot understand why this is treated as copy-left code. The plugin
> was developed by Oracle and is on the software grant; building it only
> requires system headers and linking against system libraries. 
> In this sense, the code is just like the VCL GTK and KDE plugins, and the GTK
> and KDE file pickers... these are not disabled as copy-left code.
> So, is this code copy-left code? Does building and shipping the pulgin
> break some Apache licensing rule?
> Regards

The GStreamer integration doesn't make sense without GStreamer - so we
shouldn't build it when no GStreamer libs are available.

We decided that configure without switches should be the default Apache
build. OTOH we didn't agree on linking against lgpl libraries in the
system in this default build, so I disabled GStreamer by default (as
well as some other copyleft components - there is no difference in that
regard between GStreamer and hunspell!). This is an open question that
IIRC I already asked here on that list (at least I wanted to do that ;-)).

If we decided that linking against LGPL libs installed in the local
system is OK for a "vanilla Apache" build, we could enable e.g.
GStreamer on Linux again, but then we also could enable Hunspell and the
other stuff that are disabled when "copyleft" stuff isn't enabled
explicitly. Until then you have to use "--with-system..." switches to
enable these copyleft components. If that doesn't work - you have found
a bug. :-)

Does that make sense?


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