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From 依瑪貓 <>
Subject Re: Slooooow spreadsheet documents
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 00:02:42 GMT
Dear Rob,

    Last time I encounter it, it was an Excel document with 15000+ empty
(and hence invisible) text frames.  I suppose this was cause by many
users copy-paste without noticing it.  And I got this complaint since
user does not notice this in MS Excel, which I assume that 15000+ text
frames does not trouble MS Excel.

    I guess this is about mouse moving triggered event, so I suppose
this is not memory-bound, but calculation-bound.  I shall see if I can
find this fine example Excel document.

On 2011/10/11 04:24, Rob Weir said:
> Does anyone have a good example of a really slow spreadsheet document?
> Preferably ones that was slow due to computation/calculation, and one
> that is not merely slow due to size alone.
> I was talking to someone earlier who had ideas for speeding up
> spreadsheet computation through parallelization, and was looking for
> some notoriously slow test documents.
> -Rob

依瑪貓 imacat ^_*' <>
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