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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [REVIEW] Staged Migration of OO.o domain properties (long)
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 12:46:27 GMT
It would be very useful if people interested in the branding aspects of 
any future renaming read through the various branding guidelines for 
Apache projects:

In particular, from the Apache branding perspective, there are some key 
requirements (once the AOOo podling graduates to become a Top Level 
Project or TLP):

- The primary brand for the final product will be in the form of a name 
like Apache 'something'.  It's up to the PPMC to choose the 'something'.

- The primary homepage for any potential contributors to the project 
will be hosted at 'someurl'  The PPMC can choose the 
'someurl', which does not need to match the 'something' above.

I expect that, due to the huge legacy of the OOo project, we will keep 
the domain name as an informational portal focused at 
drawing in end users of the product to the Apache project as a whole. 
However a number of the services offered there would actually be 
redirects or the like pointing to appropriate 'otherurl' 
sites; likewise the branding will reflect the fact that it's an Apache 
project and will include the 'Apache' as part of the primary branding.

Thus I certainly hope we can host the forums, for example, at their 
existing URL. And we can keep the top level URL 
active - although under the covers it will be pointing to an appropriate 
mirror network that the ASF manages.

The point is that end users who simply want to use the product and don't 
care about anything else could go to the same places, see that there's a 
new name, and mostly do their work like they always have.  However 
anyone who may have an interest in contributing to the project will be 
drawn to appropriate * pages that make clear how the 
development of the project works.

- Shane

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