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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Yet Another Introduction
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2011 15:24:35 GMT

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Andre Fischer and I am
another one of the former Sun/Oracle employees who found a new home at
IBM. You may know me as AF (<at>

Next month I will be working on OpenOffice for eleven years.  About
two years on the Chart then on Draw/Impress. In the last years I
focused on maintaining and extending the slide show.

Some of my more visible work includes:

- The presenter console extension

- The slide sorter, both in its pre and post 3.4 form. But probably
   only a few people have yet seen the new (and shiny)
   re-implementation. It is only available in current developer builds.

- The drawing framework
   ( OK,
   maybe it is not that visible but as I took great pains to document
   it properly, I bother you with it anyway.

- The project renaissance prototype for a new GUI.  Look for the v0.18
   link on the project homepage
   for the running version. It has some nifty features and can even load
   some simple Impress documents.

I am looking forward to working in and with the Apache OpenOffice
community and to become a committer again. At the moment I am
concentrating on IP clearance so that we get a good 3.4 release

Best regards,

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