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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla: can we rename some of the product categories?
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 00:15:33 GMT
Am 10/25/2011 12:58 AM, schrieb Regina Henschel:
> Hi Rob,
> Rob Weir schrieb:
>> Currently, when you enter a new bug you are given an alphabetical list
>> of "products", starting with:
>> aa: Afar Language Project: Work in and on the Afar language
>> af: Afrikaans Language Project--Support, discussions, development of
>> Afrikaans localization in Afrikaans
>> am: Discussions and work in Amharic
>> api: This is the application programming interface.
>> ar: Arabic native language discussions and material in the native
>> language
>> ast: Asturian Language Project: Work in Asturian
>> az: Azeri native language discussions and material in the native language
>> bal: Balochi Language Project: work on Balochi in Balochi
>> bg: Bulgarian language information, resources, discussions,
>> documentation, localization.
>> and so on.
>> See:
>> A flat list of 200+ categories like this, with no structure, and with
>> many of the items being rather obscure, makes the UI very hard to use.
>> Would it be possible to bring all the locale-related categories
>> together, e.g.:
>> lang-aa
>> lang-af
>> lang-am
>> lang-ar
>> lang-ast
>> lang-az
>> lang-bg
>> and so on? That way these locale-related issues would be grouped in a
>> sort would be easier to find (or ignore) by someone entering a new
>> bug.
>> Or failing that, is there any way to make these be hierarchical?
>  From HTML you can group the entries using an <optgroup> element, see
> the 'Product:' list in attached file (without style). But I have no
> knowledge about Bugzilla.
> I would prefer to have one item 'native language' in 'Product' and the
> language itself in 'Component'. The same for all entries, which are not
> for users, one item 'delveloper' or 'contributer' and the specific topic
> in 'Component'.

Maybe the question "Where to put the languages?" is the start for a 
little rework in the BZ structure. Not a bad idea after years of growing 
without a (visible) cleanup.


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