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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Neutral / shared security list ...
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 12:55:43 GMT
On 10/25/2011 3:54 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Rob,
> It is an interesting social observation that distrust is not
> exemplary of being trustworthy. (Distrust is a kind of permission to
> be righteously untrustworthy, as is too easily demonstrated in world
> affairs as well as closer to home in regard to specific events
> already discussed on this list.)
> In my thinking, the first act of being trustworthy is being trusting
> of those you want to recognize you as trustworthy.

Similarly, the first act towards having an efficient, friendly, and 
healthy community mailing list is to both ensure that one tries to write 
in a friendly and welcoming manner, and ensure that one focuses on 
engaging with community members who show promise of doing real work for 
this community.

I have to say that the amount of poor behavior on this list is 
astounding; both from committers within the community, and also from a 
number of people who (as best I can tell) have no plans of becoming 
committers within this community.

> Enough about that.
> I do want to disassociate AOOo from the ASF record over the years.
> That is not the AOOo record. AOOo is not even six months old.  AOOo
> needs to establish its trustworthiness the old-fashioned way, and it
> is not by inheritance or even by association.  Not yet.

I agree that trust does take time to build.  However while AOOo may be 
new - especially in the number of people with a history in OOo code in 
the past - it is also part of the ASF.

While the ooo-security@ delegates of the AOOo PPMC are expected to do 
the right things and handle security issues for the AOOo project, the 
long-running Apache Security Team is there to provide advice and counsel 
on processes and expertise.  The Apache Security Team is also there to 
ensure that the ooo-security@ list - and any potentially ASF hosted 
securityteam@ list - is run in an appropriately secure and even handed 

- Shane

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