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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: handling of ext_sources - Juergen's suggestion [was: Re: A systematic approach to IP review?]
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 14:23:56 GMT
On 9/22/11 1:19 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:

> ok, we have several arguments for and against but no decision how we
> want to move forward. Let us take again a look on it
> 1. we have a working mechanism to get the externals from somewhere,
> check md5 sum, unpack, patch, build
> 1.1 "somewhere" is configurable during the configure step, initially the
> externals are downloaded from
> 2. having the externals in the repository (SVN) won't be a big issue
> because in case of a checkout always the tip version is downloaded
> 2.1 the SCM can be used to track the used version of the externals for a
> specific OO version -> simply checkout the version tag and everything is
> in place ...
> 3. in a DSCM it would be a real problem over time because of the
> increasing space of all versions
> 4. we need a replacement asap
> (who knows how long the server will be available)
> 5. many developers probably work with a local clone of the repository
> using for example git svn or something else -> disadvantage of the
> increasing space but probably acceptable if a clean local trunk will be
> kept and updated
> Proposed way to move forward
> 1. put the externals under .../trunk/ext_sources
> .../trunk/ext_sources
> .../trunk/main
> .../trunk/extras
> 2. adapt configure to use this as default, disable the download (maybe
> reactivate it later if we move to a DSCM)
> 3. keep the process with checking the md5 sum as it is (for potential
> later use)
> Any opinions or suggestions?

i think we still haven't finished on this topic but it is somewhat 
important to move forward with our IP clearance and the whole 
development work.

So if nobody has real objections i would like to move forward with this 
proposal but would also like to change the proposed directory name from 
"ext_sources" to "3rdparty".

Keep in mind that we use this directory to keep the current state 
working and with our ongoing work we will remove more and more stuff 
from there.

The adapted bootstrap mechanism will download the libraries from this 
new place.


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