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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Working on a project roadmap ...
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 15:18:05 GMT
On 10/27/11 1:54 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> I want to make a couple of things clear about ASF projects (I speak with my
> mentor hat on but not necessarily for other mentors):
> Firstly, the ASF has many years of experience in running successful open
> source projects. We even have a few failures to teach us some lessons too.
> This produces a raft of "best practices". One should not assume that "best
> practice" is unchanging or inflexible.
> Secondly, the ASF has very few policies that are "set in stone". There are
> some policies relating to due diligence and IP management, but very few
> relating to community development. One of the few fixed policies for
> community are no benevolent dictators (either individuals or corporations).
> No project graduates from the incubator without diversity.
> As a mentor I have no interest in encouraging the AOOo community to adopt
> policies that do. Reflect the needs and desires of thode.earning merit here.
> If one wants this project to operate in a specific way then one
> should.demonstrate a willingness to help us build diversity by contributing
> constructively.
> Don't expect me, or anyone else, to read past reams of point scoring and
> posturing based on misinformation, dogma or non-ASF history. I won't do
> that. I won't read thousands of such words in order to find the odd nugget
> of useful information. I, and I assume almost everyone here, has no time for
> that.
> In recent weeks we've seen some very constructive work here. It's a shame it
> is being drowned by these meaningless and pointless arguments. Lets just
> stay constructive, focus on facts and have some fun - please.

thanks for this mail Ross. Scanning the mails on the ml to get a rough 
overview what happened in the last 2 days (where i had limited access) 
prevent me from doing something more useful.

I wish more people would concentrate on the real work that is in front 
of us.


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