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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Staging OOo Site: Bugs and Improvements
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:18:46 GMT
On 10/31/11 5:55 AM, Dave Fisher wrote:
> On Oct 30, 2011, at 9:37 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>> The stuff you are doing is too arcane for me and not where I notice problems.  I
notice things in the content itself at the staging site (  I might be
able to learn to edit the ooo/ooo-site pages, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.
>> Not sure which works better, bugzilla for some, wiki for others.  Just not sure.
 Is there a bugzilla "project" for these.  www?
>> - Dennis
>> PS: Examples - the sort of thing I am noticing
>> 1. I had a lengthy back-and-forth with Larry Rosen on Terms of Use and have guidance
that I think will work with regard to wiki, forum, and site pages.  (Not the same for all
of them.)  Also about Trademarks.  (What you have at the bottom of the main pages is close,
others need more care.  May be a few variations to use.)
> Good. I wanted some guidance here. CWiki?
> Or, let's find the pages and make the changes.
>> 2. A Q about the bottom-of-page use of the feather and mention of "the Apache CMS."
> I've asked trademarks@a.o in general about the look. What's your question? I just sort
of came up with it and now I'm asking too.
>> 3. Bug on the left of this page:<>  above the
blue bar.
> You mean "We're sorry"? I'm not sure either. There are lots of little flaws like that.
URLs are somewhat random, some are fully qualified and others are properly relative. This
includes css and js that are not always found. These are the kinds of errors that will take
some tedious time to handle.
>> 4. This page, for Downloads, linked from the ES home page, has a PayPal button and
solicits $25 donations for downloads:<>.
 The solicitations are for the "oooES" PayPal account.
> Yes, I've flagged that as well - Alexandro should be able to explain oooES. I think it
is in a similar category to Team OpenOffice. I've found a paypal button in the Greek site
to an individual for translation work. Not sure about others yet. I'll know when we're complete.
These were all sanctioned at some point and I think the PPMC will need to decide policy in
conversation with trademarks@a.o.

i think it's very confusing to have this individual donation places and 
i would remove them all. Furthermore i would suggest that we really 
rethink our portal "" in the near future. I don't see 
the necessity of having too much different content on the localized 
pages. A 1:1 translation of the English pages should be ok for all. 
Maybe each regional page can have their own news feed to announce local 
events but that's it. We should keep it simple.

All the community work and information specific to regional communities 
should move into the wiki and forum from my point of view. Main 
development work and communication around this is done in English anyway.

And i don't think that this is similar to Team because 
Team was the only official instance that was allowed to 
collect donations from the OOo sites. All others were not allowed as far 
as i know. They were tolerated but not more. Don't ask me why, i have 
never understood this.

well, that is my personal opinion


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