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From Simon Phipps <>
Subject Re: Areas for cooperation between AOOO and LO [was: Cooperation withRe: Neutral / shared security list ...]
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2011 23:11:47 GMT

On 25 Oct 2011, at 00:56, Rob Weir wrote:
> Hi Simon, do you have any other ideas for cooperation, preferably ones
> that are not redundant?  

While I am amused that your first words after "hopefully will attract fewer trolls" themselves
include a mean-spirited troll, I'm sorry you think a collaborative security mailing list with
shared, collaborative ownership is "redundant". 

We clearly have very different views of the world. I continue to think such a list holds great
opportunity for collaboration since it was working in that role for many months, but it's
hard to see how it can now be the securityteam@ list, unfortunately (unless your'e speaking
alone, of course).

>  I suggested cooperating on translations via
> a shard Pootle instance.

Hard to see how that would work since it would require the source to be highly similar and
that looks unlikely to be the case.

>   Or maybe code browsing/searching facilities
> with OpenGrok.  Or either of those possible?

Hard to see how two very different source trees can have a shared browser. It would be best
for Apache to run its own instance.

> Or maybe work on a collaborative Q&A site as an alternative user
> support option?

Plausible in the future but a little early to be proposing it - YAGNI applies.

>   Or maybe a shared template and extensions site?

I believe I once proposed such a thing, and was told by both communities that licensing issues
would largely prevent it.

Delighted to hear you are now such a fan of co-operation though, Rob. I'll be sure to support
any viable proposals you present to both communities.


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