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From Alexander Thurgood <>
Subject Re: GStreamer avmedia plugin as copyleft?
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2011 08:09:49 GMT
Le 05/10/11 21:07, Mathias Bauer a écrit :

Hi Mathias,

> Of course that would probably mean that our Linux version won't run out
> of the box on most Linux machines as the old OOo version did. It will
> run only on those computers that have compatible versions of all
> libraries installed in their system that were used in the build. That's
> the price you have to pay.

Indeed, as I recently found out when I built the MysQL Connector
extension against Ubuntu's mysqlcppconnector library :-/ It appears that
the extension is not only arch specific, but also dist-version specific,
at least as far as I can tell from my preliminary investigations. I
haven't yet tried building with the basic mysql C library, that will be
my next step.

Dependency hell, here we come :-))


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