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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fix for #118485#, #108221#, #67705#
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 08:13:02 GMT
	Hi Pedro,

On 12.10.2011 03:43, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> Hi;
> I committed it as revision 1182166, and noted it in the
> bug report, but I admit the patch was too big to do a
> review on it.

Thanks for comitting. I think - as i wrote - for someone knowing the 
core it would have been possible to read the diffs. This is not too big 
from my POV, I have bigger changes in the pipeline.

At least I'm here to fix tasks regarding this change if there should be 
some. I was very careful (similar to the big Geometry/AntiAliasing 
change I made), but You never know :-)

> It was evidently a lot of work that I would hate to see
> ignored and, if I understand well, this was like *really*
> broken (3 issues) but in the future I will try to avoid
> committing these big patches without someone else
> reviewing it first.
> Pedro.
> --- On Tue, 10/11/11, Armin Le Grand<>  wrote:
> ...
>>      Hi *,
>> I took some days to fix that long missing OLE-Attribute
>> feature/bug. It is on one hand a missing feature (no reason
>> to not apply attributes and transformations to OLE which
>> contains the same as graphical object, a MetaFile) and on
>> the other a compatibility issue with a big competitor which
>> is able to add attributes to OLEs for a long time.
>> This fix was already prepared in #67705# but could not be
>> activated due to a missing part of #108221#. Thanks to ORW
>> (aka Oliver-Rainer) which helped to solve that.
>> The patch adds LineStyle, FillStyle, Text, Shadow, Shear
>> and Rotate to OLE objects in Draw/Impress and Calc. It adds
>> Shear to graphic objects. It also fixes some long
>> existing  not detected bugs to make all this work. It
>> leaves OLEs and graphical objects for Writer (SW) untouched
>> due to the fact that SW uses it's own implementations for
>> those (one more argument for the long missing consolidation
>> in SW to use DrawingLayer objects for this).
>> Details are documented in,
>> but here is a list:
>> - Added LineStyle, FillStyle, Text, Shadow, Shear, Rotate
>> to OLE
>> - Added Shear to GraphicObjects
>> - Adapted context menus in Draw/Impress, Calc
>> - Adapted UNO API to allow these attribute families for
>> those object types
>> - Adapted interactors to show a correct preview for
>> interactions
>> - Adapted ConvertTo to take set attributes into account
>> (was completely missing for GraphicObjects, a bug on it's
>> own).
>> - Adapted Text edit activation (press any key to start
>> typing), activation on Return stays untouched
>> - Adapted OLE activation to be centered to the now
>> eventually rotated/sheared object bounds
>> - Adapted MetaFile-ToSdrObject converter, transformations
>> are now applied to the created SdrObjects. Deactivated one
>> erroneous Item in text attribute creation which leads to bad
>> errors in text generation, wrote f'up #118498# for it (HDU)
>> - Adapted Import/Export to take care of added text
>> - Added correction for earlier written OOo ODF files at
>> load time
>> - Activated the prepared attribute visualization in the OLE
>> Primitive
>> - Corrected attribute generation for newly created OLEs
>> I checked all changes again and added the patch to
>> #118485#. Now I'm looking for someone volunteering to add
>> the patch, build AOOo and play around with OLEs a little
>> bit, reading the patch will also help in this case, it's not
>> too big to do so.
>> The change looks big, but it touches no too critical parts.
>> It is also necessary to bring it in AOOo3.4, this change
>> relies on a version change (here: 3.3 to 3.4) to be able to
>> correct files written by OOo up to 3.3 (and only those).
>> Some background: The root problem here was that older
>> versions straight ignored attributes set at OLE objects by
>> just not painting them. This means that in files generated
>> the attributes are written and in plain ODF OLEs are filled
>> default (blue8) and have line on default (black hairline).
>> Questions/Comments are welcome,
>>      Armin
>> --
>> ALG


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