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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fix for #118485#, #108221#, #67705#
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2011 10:57:58 GMT
	Hi Regina,

On 27.10.2011 19:46, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi Armin,

> No, I have not known, that they are possible now too.
> So I have to do some additional tests.

I would appreciate this. I hope it's fun to play with it :-)

> I have updated my build and see the improvements :)

Good. So, Your build is working now at last?


>> I'm working on it with Thorsten, it's solvable...
> That sounds great. I'm looking forward to the result of your teamwork.

Opened #118558# ( 
and added a patch similar to what Thorsten suggested. Not yet comitted, 
checking a bit more.

>>> I have written a Basic macro to set the background and line style to
>>> NONE. Developing it I have noticed, that the Math-objects do not support
>>> the services LineProperties and FillProperties. But I can set the single
>>> properties 'LineStyle' and 'FillStyle' and Xray lists all the other
>>> properties. So shouldn't they support these services?
>> Not sure. StarMath is a regular OLE, so it should support LineProperties
>> and FillProperties. But not inside StarMath itself, it's supported in
>> the SdrObject containing the StarMath. There may be exceptions in the
>> old code for StarMath. It's also possible that You used it in Writer
>> which has it's own OLE implementation and does not (yet) support those
>> new features...?
> I have used it in Draw and I'm on the OLE-object not on the StarMath
> model. The chart-object has the same problem. I have attached a document
> containing macros. Select 1 object and call TestService from module
> 'Diagnose' in Library 'RepairFormulas'.

Thanks for the doc, I'll have a look.

> Kind regards
> Regina


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