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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Can we update our migration status table?
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 02:53:33 GMT

On Nov 27, 2011, at 6:20 PM, TJ Frazier wrote:

> On 11/27/2011 21:10, Rob Weir wrote:
>> If you recall, this is the site that we are pointing users to for the
>> current status of the migration effort:
>> A few things that seem wrong:
>> 1) Why are we saying "no consensus" for the extension and template
>> sites?  That makes it sound like we're having a discussion and we
>> don't yet agree on how to handle these sites.  But isn't the truth
>> more like we all agree to do nothing for the short term, but continue
>> having this hosted by OSL?   Does anyone disagree that this is the
>> plan?  (Psst.  If no one disagrees with that, then we have consensus)
>> 2) EIS, TCM, QUASTe, QATrack, Registration, Product improvement and
>> Crash Reporter --- does anyone disagree that the plan is that those
>> sites are gone and are not coming back?  Instead of "No decision yet",
>> are there any objections to me changing these to give a final status
>> of "Will not migrate"?
>> If there are any other updates, please edit the wiki.
>> Thanks!
>> -Rob
> Two quick comments:
> (1) We're seriously abandoning Registration? I wonder what Marketing (ours and ASF's)
thinks about that?

While we must abandon the registration in the Kenai database at Oracle. We need not abandon
registration. As far as I can tell there are new constraints.

(a) We need volunteers to propose how they are willing to work to replace it with a new registration
(b) That system must not provide an email forwarder / anonymous email address.
(c) It will be a completely new and fresh registration database.
(d) Apache Infrastructure needs to be asked to host it, or the PPMC will need to agree about
an external location.
(e) The volunteers will need to be able to maintain the system.

Strange idea. Is it possible to make either MediaWiki or Bugzilla registration double as user

Our mentors will no doubt think of a couple more requirements.

> (2) Both Registration and Crash Reporter have code links, i.e., will require code changes
in the product so that users aren't sent to dead ends.

Does the project want a Crash Reporter? Possibly again volunteers with a proposal and negotiation
with Infrastructure are needed.

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