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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: [code] main/dmake
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2011 13:01:26 GMT

Oliver is preparing for the ODF Plugfest in Gouda, therefore I take over 
the task of making dmake a system dependency.  I have created issue 
118604 for this.

 From what I read so far we have the following prerequisites:

- The dmake source code has to be removed from the Apache SVN repository.

- The dmake source code is already present at at least two other places: 
at (thanks to 
Pedro), and at LibreOffice.

- It may be possible to have Apache host the code on one of its servers 
(that is not the main SVN repository)

- In the configure or bootstrap script we can download and compile dmake 
but can not do that automatically.  The user has to specify this 
explicitly as an option to the configure script.

I propose the following way of how configure/bootstrap handle/provide a 
dmake executable:

- Remove the dmake source code from OpenOffice.

- By default configure handles dmake like gnu make, i.e. search for a 
pre-installed executable, detect its version, do some checks to verify 
that it can be used.

- Introduce a --with-dmake-path=<path> option to configure(.in), that 
specifies where the pre-installed dmake can be found.

- Introduce a --with-dmake-url=<URL> option to configure(.in) that tells 
the bootstrap script to download the sources and build them.  Add a note 
to the description of the option that the source is GPL licensed.  Maybe 
add the Google Code URL as suggestion to the description.  When the code 
is hosted on an Apache server then we can add that, too.

What do you think, is that OK?


On 04.11.2011 16:38, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi,
> our build tool dmake is licensed under GPL.
> Thus, it can not be part of our source releases.
> But, we can use it for building - as we are using the gcc compiler.
> Thus, I will move the dmake source folder from .../ooo/trunk/main/ to
> new folder .../ooo/buildtools/ in order to assure that everything under
> .../ooo/trunk/ can become part of our source release.
> In order to get our bootstrap process still working it needs some adaption:
> I am planning to introduce a configure option in order to provide
> manually the path to the source folder of the build tool dmake -
> something like with-dmake=<$PATH to dmake folder>. If this option is not
> used, the default path ../../buildtools/dmake/ - relative from folder
> main - will be taken. The configure will then check, if this folder
> exists - the manual given one or the default. The bootstrap process will
> then work with this path to create the build tool dmake.
> Any objections?
> Best regards, Oliver.

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