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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Anybody interested in TestTool? I wrote a Java lib to replace it.
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 13:12:03 GMT
Am 18.11.2011 13:45, schrieb Joost Andrae:

> Hi,
> I prefer to have tests from several tiers, firstly having a UI test 
> framework that is written and performed by testers who are not that 
> experienced in writing tests in whatever programming language (BASIC is 
> not a must have but it needs to be as easy as LOGO turle graphics) 
> mostly to assure the quality of what has yet been tested and secondly 
> having API based tests to stress test the applications' programming 
> interface and thirdly having unit tests that are instanciated directly 
> from within the C++  or JAVA source code to detect common coding bugs 
> and at last to perform manual tests because UI based programs often show 
> bugs when a real person uses the application (like we found several bugs 
> in the past that would have never been found if we used the automation 
> based tests only).

The language is of second order. The quality of the tool is what
matters. Here the vcl testtool leaves a lot to desire. And, as I wrote,
we can't improve it, fix bugs or add code for new requirements (e.g.
parallel test execution to utilize multi core computers, removal of
frustrating waits etc.) because we don't have the source code.

>> For me the VCLTesttool is dead. We shouldn't invest time there if we had
>> an alternative GUI testing option with available source code. So we
>> definitely should give the Java lib a try, if it could be made available
>> under a suitable license.
> For me VCL testtool is soumething from the past but it is still needed 
> until we have a replacement.

I beg to differ. The test tool is for finding bugs in the UI code, for
everything else it's just a waste of time. As long as we don't do heavy
UI rewrites writing integration tests is far more effective.

The offer from Zhe Liu looks much more appealing than trying to revive
the vcl testtool zombie.


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