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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [CODE]: spellchecker, hunspell, MacOS
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 16:32:39 GMT
On 11/25/11 3:54 PM, Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
> Hi Jürgen,
> On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 02:47:45PM +0100, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> do anybody know if Hunspell is also used and necessary on MacOS?
>> I noticed some build problems after the latest update and did a
>> build without --enable-hunspell. The build breaks in
>> lingucomponent/.../macspellimpl.cxx
> it was me who removed the dependency on hunspell there.
> By reading the sources (I don't have a MacOS, and never will) in
> trunk/main/lingucomponent/source/spellcheck/macosxspell/
> that code has no dependency at all in libhunspell.
no problem at all

> The dependency on hunspell was spread all over the components there,
> sure a bug of copy-and-pasting the makefiles.
probably yes

> So you should be able to build the MacOSXSpell component without
> hunspell enabled, and spell checking should work with only this
> component installed. Otherwise, its a bug (I tested the changes both on
> Linux and WinXP and the three components can be build and installed
> independently form each other; the same should work in MacOS).
that was my understanding as well

>> There was still a dependency to some types defined in Hunspell. I
>> tried to fix that and was able to build...
> that's quite strange. Do you have the logs?
> Was it a clean build?
yes, and it was simple compiler error, "dictentry" not defined ...
But the whole code looks strange, some places were changed where this 
type was used before. I have changed the code and removed unused stuff...

> The dependency on hunspell should now be only limited to
> trunk/main/lingucomponent/source/spellcheck/spell/ that is the only UNO
> component that interfaces with libhunspell.
> All the other code in lingusitic and lingucomponent should work out fo
> the box without hunspell.

after my small changes it built as expected

>> But it seems that spellchecking doesn't work,
> for spell checking to work you need the dictionaries (I have no idea
> what kind of dictionaries supports MacOS), but without dictionaries
> installed the UNO component are not even listed in Tools - Options
> - Linguistic - Writing Aids

i used an English version and at least the English dictionary is 
installed. In other built office versions the spellchecker worked.

>> and also redlining doesn't work.
> AFAIK redlining does not depend on spell checking

but on dictionaries, i am no expert here and have to take a closer look 
on it

>> Before i take a closer look in this problem i would
>> like to know if it should work without Hunspell in general.
> AFAIK it should, just look at the sources, macspellimp.hxx and
> macspellimp.cxx have no reference to hunpsell (the references I removed
> - look at the log - where there just because of a copy-and-paste error
> from the hunspell spell checker; the same is valid for the

yes i have seen it.

I assumed that somewhere is something triggered by Hunspell that now 
doesn't work. I don't know yet. The only thing i see is that it doesn't 
work. I will keep you informed.


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