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From Arthur Buijs <>
Subject Re: Rationalizing two OpenOffice websites
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 08:33:05 GMT
On 11/24/2011 01:05 AM, Dave Fisher wrote:
> Hi Kay,
> I have some concerns that the buildbot broke recently. Also, somehow
> my checkout of ooo-site was busted with a lock. I am currently doing
> a re-checkout.
> On Nov 23, 2011, at 3:12 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
>> OK, I understand. As a point of clarification. I have a complete
>> set vis a vis openoffice.svn sites of all "accepted" and
>> "incubator" projects which I am now cleaning up and importing into
>> the ooo-site svn tree.
>> So, no matter what we decided ultimately about the ooo-site tree,
>> we we will ahve copies.
> Excellent, having all the projects there is excellent. Let's take
> advantage of this.
>> Given the large size of some of these areas, I was just concerned
>> about the import of some of them *at all* into the ooo-site svn
>> tree.  however, I know they really do need to be someplace where
>> all the project committers (and contributors) can access them in
>> order to be of any use right now.
> If you set the group ownership correctly all other committers should
> be able to access your account in Let's assume I
> am correct for now without double checking.
> I was planning to check in every N-L site, tag each and then delete
> the N-L from ooo-site. If your archive is available to all committers
> then this is a better archive location than svn. Fewer steps and less
> impact to the ASF infrastructure.
>> So, I will get back to the import process on Friday, and hopefully,
>> can get the legacy "accepted" projects in the ooo-site tree for
>> further evaluation by SUnday.
> Yes and I would avoid doing anymore N-L projects.
> Since Khirano is willing to do a translation of the new main site. If
> Pedro and the other Italians and MArcus and the other Germans. Plus
> Alexandro and the Spanish are in Consensus to do translations of the
> new main (Am I missing any other "active" N-L projects?) then I am
> for removing all N-L now.
> I am back over the weekend and we can start focusing on the final
> push.

I am willing to do a translation of the new main site to Dutch. Our 
current N-L site is outdated.

Arthur Buijs

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