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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 09:37:10 GMT

I have now a patch for removing the dictionaries module.  I still have 
to do some testing to make sure that it works with the latest changes 
and on platforms other than Windows. (I would provide a patch but have 
no desire to split it down into about 160 1MB-sized parts)

So now would be the time to raise objections to this and provide 
alternative solutions.

There is of course still the issue of how to provide replacements.  But 
maybe we should discuss that on a different thread. (this one is growing 
a bit confusing)


On 25.11.2011 09:00, Gianluca Turconi wrote:
> Il 24/11/2011 17.39, Ariel Constenla-Haile ha scritto:
>> Dictionaries are developed by individuals/entities outside OOo,
>> they were never developed inside the OOo source tree. I'm not sure
>> what was the procedure (sure Gianluca can comment), but it seems like
>> these dictionaries were updated on request, not developed by OOo.
> Surely, the community developed the dictionaries and there were specific
> *external* projects that worked on several dictionaries.
> I.e. the Italian thesaurus was created thanks to a large and long
> collaboration with an Italian school, as a students' project.
>> And on the other side:
>> * some dictionaries are incomplete (like the Spanish case)
>> * there may be cases where there are more dictionaries out there for the
>> same language. Why should AOO favor one? The user should be the one
>> who chooses which dictionary to install
> My main worry is to provide to the users, at *download time*, *all*
> tools they may need for a functional Office Suite, without forcing them
> to browse one or more external websites for important add-ons like the
> linguistic tools.
>> For the official binary release AOO can ship category B libraries in
>> binary form, so for a release AOO can (and should) be compiled with
>> --enable-hunspell and --enable-hyphen until someone finds a replacement.
>> An official binary release without the three linguistic components is
>> a NO-GO (IMO).
> a big +1 from me.
>> A binary official release without dictionaries may be annoying for the
>> end users, but there are alternatives (like (miss-)using the first start
>> wizard to invite the user to download dictionary-extensions for his/her
>> language, etc.).
> I suppose Andre Fischer started this thread just to find a consensus
> about a single alternative among those we were previously discussing. ;-)
> So far, there are 3 proposal:
> a) Download the extension (assuming that the right locale can be
> detected) automatically from the extension repository during installation;
> b) As last step of the installation, pop up a web page that, among other
> things, tells the user that there is a dictionary extension that can be
> installed and what its license is;
> c) let the user know that there is one (or multiple) linguistic tools
> pack extension for his/her native language when the main AOO binary is
> downloaded.
> Dennis Hamilton raised some security concerns about a) and b) solution,
> I suppose.
> Regards,
> Gianluca

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