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From eric b <>
Subject Re: [WWW][Policy] Participate! - Rewriting
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 08:01:15 GMT

Le 19 nov. 11 à 06:29, Louis Suárez-Potts a écrit :

> As the guy who created the education project on OOo,

As admin : you added one project. But everybody knows you  
systematicvaly were admin of everything in Everybody  
knows that nobody can be lead of several projects like you were,  
say .... seriously.

Back to the Education side, you even did obstruction when we started  
to improve thing, with your friends, who today moved to the TDF.  
Worse : you did everything to avoid people to see their expenses  
founded, to attend conferences.

There was always money for you, even for the (crappy) Community  
Council doing the fest at Bruxelles, with people today at TDF, and  
obviously no result ... (everything is in the archives).

Another fact:  you forced us (Education Project) to move a mailing  
list, without the possibility to manage it.  Again with your friends  
today at TDF.

> and who has long championed the goal of not only helping thru  
> education new contributors but also of using education to promote  

How can you pretend that ? Since you are in the middle, we have no  
news from the Seneca College. Is that the contribution you mean ?

And Yes: in, only you found the money to found the  
expenses for attending conferences. So it was easy for you to say  
what you want.

Worse:  I watched all the conferences, and in two years, you NEVER  
mentioned the Education Project goals (the one we wrote at http:// ) , or even  my name nor Alexandro one in  
all the presentations you did about the Education Project.

You simply represented yourself (I'd say your company), but not the  
Education Project, and I'd advertise the Apache people to not believe  
everything you pretend.

Important: I'd mention that Alexandro Colorado was a very good and  
trusted ambassador of Education Project

> OOo and the ODF, I naturally think it's vital to have it.
> But what would be its remit?
> I would suggest we clarify goals. I would also like for us to work,  
> whenever possible, with Apache's extant efforts in this area, and  
> with cousin projects, like Mozilla. The more we team up,  
> coordinate, collaborate,

The problem is that you acted as a proxy, not sharing the information  
with active people. It was a cancer for the Education project,  
because nobody was informed of what you told, what you did.

As summary, I'd suggest Apache people to stay extremely prudent with  
you, and invite them to wait for proofs.

Eric Bachard

Projet OOo4Kids :
L'association EducOOo :
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