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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Getting permission to use OpenOffice Trademarks (draft)
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 14:56:04 GMT
We went through this all a couple of months ago.  We processed
permission requests for a book and a training certificate program.
But the community has grown and there are list members who were not
around back then.  So this information is worth repeating.  And if we
think this information is useful, I can put it on the website as well.

Feedback/corrections are welcome.


Apache OpenOffice Trademarks

The Apache Software Foundation hold trademarks on behalf of its
projects.  For the Apache OpenOffice project these trademarks include
the names Apache OpenOffice and, as well as the
graphical logo.  Use of these marks is prohibited without explicit
permission from ASF.

However, the Apache OpenOffice project is happy to work with 3rd
parties who desire to use these trademarks in ways that are beneficial
to the project, which do not imply endorsement by ASF, and which are
fully in conformance with Apache policies.

To request such permission, follow these steps:

1) First familiarize yourself with the Apache Trademark Policy [1].
Many of the common cases are already addressed there.  And some uses
of ASF marks ("nominative use") are automatically allowed.

2) Email a proposal to  In the
proposal, please include:

a) Name and contact information of the company, organization or person
requesting the permission

b) A list of what ASF controlled marks you wish to use

c) A description of how these marks would be used.  Give supporting
detail, along with context  If you are requesting use of the logo, for
example, provide a prototype of how the logo would appear in the
context of the overall design.

d) Any other information you think would be useful, e.g., any impeding deadlines

2) On receipt of the proposal, the Apache OpenOffice PMC will review
and decide whether or not to recommend approval.

3) If the PMC recommends approval, then they will forward their
recommendation, along with your proposal and any follow up
communications, to the Apache V.P. of Brand Management for final

4) We will then notify you of the outcome.


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