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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Hello again (from another one)
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 16:21:44 GMT
	Hi Wolfram!

good to hear from You, much appreciated. If in silent reading mode or
more active (would even be better), I think back with good vibes on Your
testing of some of my big(ger) changes ;-)...

On 31.10.2011 20:52, Wolfram Garten wrote:
> Hi Xia, (and all the others)
> since I am in the "silent reading mode" here on this and other other
> boards for some days now I'd like to use this chance to offer some help
> for the QA and introduce myself a little bit.
> My name ins Wolfram Garten, I used to work for the QA of
> OracleOpenOffice/OpenOffice here in Hamburg. You may know me as
> wg(@) Draw and Impress were my areas of interest,
> including the manual and automated testing for these aplications.
> As I read through the Apache page I found two pages dealing a little bit
> closer with the QA stuff:
> Sadly a lot of stuff in the old OOo pages has gone off the wire, like
> all the knowledge that Quaste used to host.
> Nevertheless I would like to see the QA come to life again in the new
> Apache home. So, if there is something I can help with I will try.
> And yes: I would prefer public builds, too. Since all that "building a
> version on my own" seems more like witchcraft to me ;-)

Yes, this is a needed step, but as Rob wrote, we currently have no place
to put those builds (and where these would be accessible from outside,
of course :-)), neither do we have buildbots currently. This needs to

> It may not work every day but at least I'm trying to have a look in here
> every day.


> Thanks for reading,
> regards,
> Wolfram


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