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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject 2012-06-05 Status: PPMC and Committer Roster
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 03:05:42 GMT
As of the end of day, 2012-06-05, the Apache OpenOffice podling has
95 committers, with 75 on the PPMC.

Since the previous, 2012-02-01 report, there is an increase of
10 committers and 8 PPMC members.

There are two invitations outstanding and the establishment of two 
other committers is in progress.

 - Dennis

   for the Apache OpenOffice PPMC


Who's on Board:  Tally of Current Committers and PPMC

   1 champion
   5 mentor
   1 mentor/committer (player coach?)
  75 PPMC (all currently committers and not counted below)
  19 committer (includes any in PPMC? status below)
   6 other (ASF Member observers, etc.)
 107 TOTAL = pending 'PPMC?' + 'complete' + 'authz' below

Pending Actions - what the PPMC is working on getting flat

   0 invite (committer/PPMC invitations pending)
   2 accepted? (waiting for acceptance and next steps)
   0 iCLA? (waiting for iCLA)
   0 choose ID (pending invitation to choose ID)
   0 ID chosen? (waiting for choice of ID)
   2 ID pending (ID and account creation pending)
   3 authz (awaiting completion of ooo authorization)
  17 PPMC? (waiting for follow-up joining of PPMC)
  87 complete (nothing further required)
  30 other (some special completion cases, declined, etc.)
 141 TOTAL

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From: Dennis E. Hamilton [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 08:39
Subject: 2012-02-01 PPMC Status: End of Initial Committer Establishment

As of the end of day, 2012-01-31, the Apache OpenOffice podling has 85 
committers, with 67 on the PPMC.

Since the previous, 2011-11-17, report there is an increase of 4 committers 
and 9 PPMC members.

There are no outstanding iCLAs for initial committers and there are no 
remaining eligible initial committers who have not established themselves.

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