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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Readonly on Password-protected Documents (was: NewWikiMainPage)
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 19:01:22 GMT
On the Save As ... dialog and Save with Password option, the Set Password dialog has a "More
Options" button which is not expanded by default.  Under the More options is a setting for
specifying that the document should be opened read-only with a password (separate from the
encryption password) that is used to allow editing.

It could be that the option has been set at some point and is being propagated invisibly because
of the way the Set Password dialog works.

Also, note that the File | Properties dialog has a Security tab and that has a check-box for
Open File read-only and for Record changes (which I believe is to prevent recording of changes
being turned off).  

I observed, in LibreOffice not OpenOffice, some "sticking" of the read-only option even when
it had been cleared.  This was in some testing I had been doing around use of protections
(the read-only case) as well as encryption. In my case, it sometimes took several tries at
clearing the read-only flag with Save As ... to new file copies before the document became
editable.  There were also problems with the a Save As ... of an opened encrypted document
being silently encrypted with the same password.  I may have filed a LibreOffice bug but I
don't have a record of that.

It may well be that whatever the defect is, it was in the ooo-dev 3.4 and the
contributed code base but not in the 3.3.0.  I never checked that far back.

 - Dennis

PS: The inclusion of a protection feature in this obscure place as part of a document privacy
feature is also objectionable, but that's a different matter.  The labeling of File sharing
options as a "Security" rather than a Protection provision on the File | Properties dialog
is also objectionable.  (Same different matter.)

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From: imacat [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 05:16
To: Apache OpenOffice Developers
Subject: Readonly on Password-protected Documents (was: NewWikiMainPage)

Dear Phil,

    Reading again, I found that this is unrelated to Wiki.  I renamed
the subject.

    I cannot verify this on my 3.4.0, 3.3.0 and 3.2.1, Debian linux
x86_64.  What OpenOffice version and OS version are you using?

On 2012/06/04 21:40, Phil Sargent said:
> Below is a follow-up question regarding the response I received from Rob Weir. I still
cannot password protect a document without it becoming read only even after carefully following
the steps outlined in the help menu.
> Thanks for your assistance.
> Phil Sargent
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> From: Phil Sargent 
> To: Rob Weir 
> Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 6:27 AM
> Subject: Re: NewWikiMainPage
> Rob, 
> Thanks for the quick response. I tried the process in paragraph 1 below and could still
not edit the doc. When I hit the edit icon on the read only the document  there was a border
around it, no password was requested and I couldn't make changes.
> Can you give me instruction on where and how to save the document with a file encryption
password. I have been doing it through the "Save As" control and then "Save with Password"
which causes it to become read only.
> I have also tried it through the Security tool bar and not checked read only, but once
I attach a password it becomes read only even if the box is not checked. 
> I checked the help menu and saved as instructed below in that and it became read only.
Also I could not remove the password by unclicking the box.
> Protecting All Documents When Saving
> All documents that are saved in OpenDocument format can be saved with a password. Documents
that are saved with a password cannot be opened without the password. The content is secured
so that it cannot be read with an external editor. This applies to content, graphics and OLE
>       Turning on protection
>      Choose File - Save As and mark the Save with password check box. Save the document.
>       Turning off protection
>      Open the document, entering the correct password. Choose File - Save As and clear
the Save with password check box.
> I never had this problem before I went to the recent upgrade of 3.3.
> Thanks,
> Phil
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>   From: Rob Weir 
>   To: 
>   Cc: Phil Sargent 
>   Sent: Monday, May 28, 2012 7:22 PM
>   Subject: Re: NewWikiMainPage
>   On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 8:00 AM, Phil Sargent <> wrote:
>   > I am trying to password protect a document. When I do this it then opens as a
"Read Only" document and cannot be changed. To make changes I need to "Copy and Paste" make
the changes, and then re-save with password protection which changes it back to "Read Only".
Is there a way to password protect , but not have the document as "Read Only" when next opened.
>   >
>   Hi Phil,
>   It sounds like the document was saved with a "file sharing password".
>   When the document is loaded, look for the "edit file" icon on the
>   toolbar.  If you click that it will prompt you for the password and
>   then switch into edit mode.
>   But note that it is not typical to use the "file sharing password"
>   feature.  If you don't want the read-only behavior you should just
>   save with the "file encryption" password/
>   Regards,
>   -Rob
>   > Thank you
>   >
>   > Phillipss1946
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Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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