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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Propose to Integrate Old OO Wiki and New AOO Wiki
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 19:01:22 GMT
+1 on MediaWiki

The convergence on the Community Wiki was considered early in the migration and it was concluded
that would not be done.  Kay Schenk might have much to add on that, based on her interest
then and experience since.

 - Dennis

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From: J├╝rgen Schmidt [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 00:37
Subject: Re: Propose to Integrate Old OO Wiki and New AOO Wiki

On 6/5/12 5:11 AM, Kevin Grignon wrote:
> KG01 - See comments inline.
> On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 10:35 AM, chengjh <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We see,the old wiki
>>  has accumulated plenty
>> of valuable information,including planning,function specification,technical
>> documents and so on..Currently,the planning and project tracking parts have
>> been moved to
>>,that means
>> a
>> new start of the project.Because the two wikis are two different wiki
>> software systems,moreover, there are existing different writing styles
>> between them and writers need accounts for them respectively, it is not
>> convenient for writers to write wiki articles when switching between
>> them...
> KG01 - Yes, attempting to manage and maintain content on two wikis is
> painful and inefficient.

it would be indeed nice to have only one wiki. We have unresolved issues
with the old wiki content (unclear licenses) but MediaWiki as underlying
wiki software offers more features as far as I can see and the editing
is smoother for me. Very useful extensions are used in several places
all over the wiki.

If possible I would prefer to move forward with MediaWiki


> So, I propose to create a new wiki for developers to record
>> technical documents,technical review,proposals/ideas,function specification
>> and design,and so on by sub-project categories, for example,we can move the
>> scope of teams section from the old OO wiki to the new wiki, or *extend the
>> scope of
>> include these areas.
> KG01 - While I appreciate that there is a focus on "development" in the
> open source world, I would suggest that the effort is much broader. I
> personally prefer open source product development ;) Delivering
> sustainable, compelling and delightful products is the domain of an
> interdisciplinary team, not just technical folks. Any future wiki strategy
> should address the needs of all project stakeholders and contributors.
>> *Thus, in the future,the new wiki will only keep a
>> link to the old OO wiki which takes as the history data and continue to
>> accumulate new project data to benefit the project and contributors..Please
>> comment...thanks.
> KG01 - Archiving older content as is, and including references from the new
> wiki makes sense. A one-time migration of relevant data would be important,
> however, any older content could be left as is in the archives. To help
> differentiate old versus new, we might consider a different tool. As a
> better user experience is important, this seems like a good time to move to
> a newer wiki tool.
>> --
>> Best Regards,Jianhong Cheng

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