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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Confusing design
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 16:01:26 GMT

Thanks for taking the time to send in your comments. I'm sure the User Experience (UX) will
take these into consideration as we make plans for what will likely be Apache OpenOffice 4.0.

FYI - IBM has contributed code from Symphony with a fresh UI and plans are to integrate that
into OpenOffice.


On Jun 6, 2012, at 6:53 AM, funny fanny wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm from Denmark, so my English might not be so good.
> I'm 14 years old, and are going to work on a project for school. I think the design in
Open Office Impress, is REALLY confusing! You have to click twice to drag something and move
around. In the beginning, I didn't know how to put a text box in my project. Now that I have
struggling with a diagram for 1 hour, it is still not as I wanted. I wanted to have it percentages,
but couldn't find it, and had to improvise. The small icons for the different stuff, is small
and it is not clear enough to show what it is. Example. I have NO IDEA what this was, before
I hold my mouse over it and read.
> I am not much of, to compare Open Office with Microsoft Office, but the icons in MO is
really big, and it have a text under. It is also more modern, and probably is mostly used
in the younger students. In OO, you have to click around to make it as you wanted. Even really
simple things, you have to click around. I would like to see a icon, with a text box and a
'insert picture' shown at the top or in the bottom, instead of it is hiding behind my project,
so I have to look for it. The normally and useful tools don't appear very clear. It is hidden
like hide and seek, and instead of using time on your project, you are wasting time to find
what you need ex. making a text box.
> I am not only hear to complain about the layout in Open Office Impress, but I will thank
you, for a free writing program, that is good enough t make it happen. But! There is still
many things that could be better. Open Office is quite boring, and I think in many opions
it would be  nice, if it kinda 'explode' up in my face. When I open OO, is plain boring. All
grey, small icons etc. 
> I mean, we are in 2012, things are getting more modern and futuristic. Sometimes it would
be good with a little bit different.
> In the nearest future, I hope to see a more modern writing program, that is easy to use.
Is kinda in 'the dark side' right now. Try turning in to 'the bright side'.
> Thank you for your time, and I hope you take me seriously and actually maybe will spend
time to reply? Or at least try to look at it, and think about what I just wrote 
> xoxo
> 14 year old student, from Denmark.

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